Why ski at environmentally sensitive ski areas?

Why ski at ski areas with a positive environmental grade?

Numerous surveys and the ski industry itself recognize that skiers consider the environment a higher policy priority than the general public does. Unfortunately, there has been no way for the skiing public to make recreation choices based on their concern for a healthy environment – until now!

The Ski Area Environmental Scorecard strives to differentiate between ski areas that are engaging in environmentally sound practices on the ground versus those that merely claim to do so. While there will always be environmental impacts from creating and operating a ski resort, the intent of the Scorecard is to rate resorts on the environmental performance of their current management, not on the impacts from the time of the creation of the resort. Criteria are clearly defined so that ski resorts can choose to improve their environmental performance, and thus their grade. The ski industry obviously needs to be a good land steward; the Scorecard will hold them accountable to preserve the mountain environments that draw skiers in the first place. Ski areas concentrate recreational use, permitting tremendous numbers of people to enjoy and learn about delicate mountain environments in a safe manner. When undertaken in an environmentally sensitive manner, ski resorts can minimize their impacts on the land and provide memorable experiences for all their guests.